Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reflections and an Anniversary Card

 Another couple of cards made recently.
The first is for Mother and Father in law for their Anniversary this weekend. I wouldn't do anything too romantic for them, so this is just a little different.
The second was Mike's birthday card which I also entered into our forum challenge....and won!
I love trees in any form or fashion and especially love what Barbara Gray does with them on Clarity stamping.
That's all for today and I'm amazed that I've posted so many. Who knows, I may even put up another one tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedding Cards.

Two posts in one day! Don't get used to it though, it won't happen that often :). I had two wedding cards to make for a customer, and here they are. The Book a Easel card is for their daughter's wedding in September and is much larger than it looks in the picture. The other one is for close friends of theirs.

Baby Cards - my favourite to make

I think that baby cards have to be the ones I prefer to make most of all. Even more so when they are for our first grandchild. All I have to hope now is that they don't decide to change her name, as I will be busy making even more.
I've decided that if they do change their minds, I will add these to the digital scrapbook that I'm going to make, so then she will know what she may have been called.

I don't think there will be a change of mind though as Daddy has already put her name on the nursery wall, so changing that could be quite tricky.
We have also seen a 3D scan of her and I'm amazed at what technology allows us to see, she is so like her Daddy! Even great Grandma thought so when she saw it.
Anyway, with all the images I've been collecting over the last 9 months, I am still making cards for her although the special one with all details on it, will have to wait until she arrives.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Book a Easel and Shutter Card with Forever Friends

Both for a special friend of mine here in Spain The pink one was from Nita's hubby and a last minute request.
The lilac one was from the Clipart Fairy's cd

Monday, June 7, 2010

Side step card

I've had to give myself a good talking to as I haven't been making nearly enough cards of late. This has been mainly due to watching over our new baby forum, and a trip to the UK to spend some time with my Mum. However, with lots of special dates looming, it was lovely to sit and and make a few cards and remind myself that I do actually enjoy doing it.
I think this one is self explanatory.

Cuppa-Craft Blog Candy

Pop across to Toni's blog for the chance to win some fabulous card making stash.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Silhouette and MCS Image

I made this card for my neice's birthday and was inspired by a card seen on Karen J's blog - thank you Karen.
The image was taken from the MCS Flourishes cd, and the flower was made from the Wings and Flowers cd - I really love that cd and would recommend it to everyone.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Musical Shaped Cards

It must be time to update my blog. I'm so sorry it has been so long since I was here, but don't the days just rush by?
I'm not sure where I'm going to get time to keep on top of it now, as I've got another project to look after.
For those that don't know, my favourite place to visit on the internet, is closing down at the end of May.
I have therefore started up a new forum where our cyber family can still visit and share our crafting obsession. If anyone wants to go see what our new home looks like then take a stroll over to this address, put your feet up and enjoy the company.

Anyway, here are two cards that I have made recently. One for my son's birthday and one that I just had to play with after I saw the original idea on another web site.

I'll now try to add more cards more often, but you'll know where to find me if I'm not around.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bev has some wonderful candy to give away. Hurry up and visit her blog to enter into this fabulous draw.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine and Pazzles

I don't usually make Mike a Valentine card, instead out comes old faithful that I made about 5 years ago - he's happy with that and I'm happy guessing whether I will or won't get one from him. You can tell we really go overboard on Valentines Day can't you?
However, the last few months have been frustrating as my new cutter has been troublesome from the start and everything possible seems to have gone against us to get it replaced. It even got soaking wet when we returned it to the UK via the Postal Service.
I was almost beginning to think that I really shouldn't have one, but Mike persevered and I am now trying out all its functions in the hope that I will master it one day.
This is really the first complete card I have made with it, so I hope he appreciates it and won't get fed up with it over the next five years! LOL

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exciting news and a Baby Card

We have recently found out that we are going to be grand-parents for the first time. We are so excited and I am already planning more visits to the UK this year. We always knew that being in Spain would be difficult when grand children came into our lives, and we did think we had a couple more years to go before we had to think about it - lol!
David and his partner Jo are over the moon and so looking forward to becoming parents, and of course we are happy for them (and for us) as well.

It didn't take me long to start thinking about baby cards even though we have a while to wait yet, and so I thought I could send one to Mum to be straight away.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art Deco and Martha Stewart

It has been far too long since I put up a card on here, so at long last with inspiration from Myra at our card group, I got around to making a couple of cards. I hope that this will kick start me into making some more. I'm sure that after the long saga with my Pazzles cutting machine, that when I do get it back again next week- hurray! - I will be able to start posting more. We are off to the UK on Friday to see family so I'm really looking forward to that.