Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thought it was about time that I put something on here. What with people inviting me to join them on facebook, and others asking why I have been quiet on here, it all leads me to think that they know something that I don't!
So, having spent our Christmas in Cornwall and having enjoyed seeing friends and family it was good to get back to normality here in Spain.
We hadn't been back long before our first visitors of the year arrived - my sister Bobbie and her husband Chas (as per photo). They were only here for a 4 day visit, and although I feared that their visit would be marred by the cold, we did have some lovely sunny days and wonderful walks on the beach.
Still limping, I had to rely on my faithful crutch for support, and I think I overdid the excerise bit as I suffered the consequences the following week. My hospital appointment was cancelled on the 17th Jan, so I am now waiting for the consultant to recover from what ever illness that she is suffering from and get to find out how I am really getting on - it is a long haul, thats for sure.

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